6 Best National Parks In South Africa To Visit On Vacation

The Republic of South Africa is going to make for the multicultural vacation of a lifetime. You’ve got to hit up Cape Town and Table Mountain, and you absolutely have to check out the various marketplaces and the unique souvenirs available to you. You’re also going to want to get a good look at the natural attractions and all the wildlife. Check out this short list of the top 6 national parks in The Republic of South Africa.

Kruger National Park ranks #1. Make your way to Malalan Gate in Nelspruit, and prepare for quite the adventure, including a trip over to Crocodile Bridge. Have you booked your South African vacation without a pair of binoculars on hand? If so, make sure you grab a pair before you head out to Kruger National Park. You’re going to want to check out all the wildlife, including leopards, buffalo, elephants, lions and more.

Garden Route National Park makes for an excellent stop as well. You will find it located off of Dumbleton Road in Knysna. You might even want to book a Knysna Lagoon Boat Cruise while in the area. Talk about getting to see the wildlife at the national park and the marine life of the Knysna Lagoon all in the same day. At Garden Route National Park, you can even enjoy a bungee jumping adventure.

Mountain Zebra National Park is next up, and you will find it in Cradock. Enjoy the panoramic views of the main camp, and the hiking trails are great. There is a great restaurant on site, and you can even go swimming. Of course the best part is going to again be checking out all of the wildlife. Not only do you want that pair of binoculars mentioned, but you want to have your camera ready, too.

Pilanesberg National Park is located in Sun City. If you have noticed, your tour of the best parks in South Africa are taking you towards other adventures you want to experience as well. For example, while in Sun City, you need to take the Sun City Day Tour. Check out the Sun City Resort Complex, which is in a volcano crater that is extinct. At least you hope it’s extinct. In all seriousness, this nook and cranny of South Africa is going to be quite fun, and it all starts at Pilanesberg National Park.

Now it’s time to hit up a national park that takes you to the beach. West Coast National Park is just the place. The colorful flora there is gorgeous, and when it comes to the wildlife, you’re going to see all kinds of migratory birds. enjoy the hiking trails, and you might want to plan a family picnic. People even report enjoying whale watching at West Coast National Park. And of course the lovely beach there can’t be beat.

You were promised six of the best South African national parks, and perhaps I saved the best for last. Golden Gate Highlands National Park in Clarens is a great choice. In fact, there are plenty of national parks left in South Africa to explore. When at Golden Gate Highlands National Park, be sure you check out Mushroom Rock and Vulture Restaurant. This national park is known for its spectacular views.

The whole of South Africa is going to make your jaw drop. You and your family are set for the adventure of a lifetime. You’re going to get up close and personal with wildlife in ways that you have never experienced. Can you imagine what all you’re going to see and do while on vacation in South Africa?

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