Planning your trip

South Africa is a spectacular and modern country. Considering its splendor and diversity, it’s no surprise that several thousands people from all over the world head to this country around the southernmost tip of the African continent each day to encounter the culture of Africa. However there are a few useful things to bear in mind.

Here’s the fact: African wildlife safaris are truly incredible, and they also allure to just about everybody – perhaps even people who didn’t feel they would really like safaris. Old, young, an active person, lazy, urban, rural, lovers, single people, the entire family, it doesn’t matter much: the safari is the champion when it comes to ultimate vacations.

The primary reason many people visit on vacation to Africa is because of safari. However only South Africa presents much more to do and see than “just” safaris. The truth is it would make sense for lots of people to have a whole South African vacation without having the safari at all – something you can’t say about any other vacation spot around southern or central Africa. On South Africa, you truly can have everything- along with the good exchange rate and living costs, it’s really a bargain, particularly for food, drink and shopping.


Almost the whole country of South Africa is situated within the temperate zone; having extreme conditions of cold and heat being very rare. It is placing close to the subtropical high-pressure belt of descending air flow constructs constant atmospheric conditions around the majority of its area; bringing out a normally dry climate.

As most of the country is situated at fairly high elevation, that irritates the effect of latitude, even the tropical and near-tropical northern regions are a lot colder. The high elevation as well as lack of the controlled power of the ocean generate huge temperature variations in the majority of inland areas.

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South Africa’s currency is the South African rand (ZAR). Whenever visiting in South Africa, it’s wise to bring both ZAR and US dollars. Even though a lot of stores and restaurants will accept credit cards, vendors in little, local marketplaces might just accept cash – usually in ZAR. A lot of Africa’s national parks will simply accept US dollars for these entry fees, and a few tourist things to do, such as safaris as well as other tours, will need that you pay and give tip in USD.

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South Africa is usually pictured by global media being a dangerous spot to visit, and definitely, the country battles with a higher rate of violent crime. Then again, thousands of guests visit South Africa each year without any unpleasant incident, and the benefits of doing this are abundant.

Then again, it’s vital to know about the country’s less friendly part. Poverty is filled in South Africa, and for that reason, muggings, break-ins, as well as small theft are frequent, particularly in bigger cities.

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Visa Requirements

If you wish to go to South Africa, you have to acquire a valid visa just before you could get into the country. The visa can be issued to have a visit for tourism or business reasons and it is valid for a duration of ninety days.

A few countries are excused from visa control, meaning that citizens coming from all those countries do not require a visa in order to visit South Africa. According to your planned visit, you could make application for a Visitor’s Visa or a Transit Visa.

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