Visa Requirements

South Africa has all the right to make a decision who may and may not go into its territory. The visa makes sure that you’ve been thoroughly screened just before getting into the country, and provides immigration officials the details they have to make sure you are accepted to enter South Africa for the right purpose and period of time. The visa does not assure you entry to the nation immediately- it just permits you to travel to a South African port of entry, in which an immigration officer will verify that you fulfill the basic requirements for entry to the country. A visa permits you to go to the country for vacation or business reasons for a time duration of ninety days or much less.

What exactly are the requirements to get a visa in order to visit South Africa?

What you will require:

  • Valid passport or travel document having no less than one empty page
  • The filled out Form BI-84 (application for a visa if needed)
  • Payment of the given fee
  • The yellow-fever vaccination certificate in case your trip begins or involves moving over the yellow fever belt of Africa
  • Statement and/or documentation verifying the objective and length of time of your visit
  • 2 colored passport photos
  • A going or return ticket in case you’re travelling by air
  • Evidence of financial that indicates to pay for your living costs when in South Africa
  • In case you’ve got kids (minors) going along with you or joining in South Africa, you will have to present another more documents:
  • Evidence of guardianship or custody of the children or
  • Consent coming from the guardian in the event of an unaccompanied minor

What are the requirements for kids going to and from South Africa?

A parent pertains to biological or adoptive parents, not to mention any court appointed legal guardian, while a minor is any individual younger than eighteen years of age. You have to present an unabridged certificate of a birth of the child. For South Africans, it is deemed an official birth document showing the personal identities and important information of the parents of the kid, released on application by the Department of Home Affairs. When it comes to foreigners, it is any official document given in the home country of nationality or permanent residence of the tourist showing the important information of the parents of the child. An equivalent document in lieu of unabridged birth certificate is available from Home Affairs. Whenever an adult travels with a child to or from South Africa, he or she has to produce, among others, an unabridged birth certificate in respect of that child at any South African port of entry.

Exactly what are the requirements needed for entering South Africa?

What you will require:

  • A valid and acceptable passport or any travel document for the planned stay
  • No less than one empty page on your passport for endorsements
  • A valid visa, in case needed
  • A sufficient amount of cash to cover your day-to-day expenditures all through your stay
  • A going or return ticket
  • Yellow fever certificates in case your trip begins or involves moving past the yellow fever belt of Africa

Should I require a visa to be able to visit South Africa?

Depending upon your nationality, as well as the objective and length of time of your visit, you may possibly not require a visa in order to go to South Africa.

Do I need to submit my visa application face to face?

No, you could ask another person – just like a tour operator, a courier service or any other member of the family – in order to submit the application for you.